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Viewing notes for One Tree Hill Season 4, Episode 7.

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  I found that this episode of One Tree Hill contained a lot of stereotypical teenage jealousy and temptation. All of the characters appeared to be struggling with something, and most issues are left unresolved at the end of the episode. 

  Mouth is helping Brook at a fashion show, and to his surprise one of the models acts quite friendly towards him. As teenager guys typically do, he gawked at her and gave her a mumbled, non-chalant answer. The problem for him was that he already had a date that night, with a corky but nice schoolmate. In the end, Mouth is positioned as a 'good guy', as he resists the temptation of a one night fling. I think that these actions are what every teenage girl watching loves - it gives them hope that the 'nice guys' are still out there. 

  Brook is not quite as innocent. She is having a fling with one of her new (young, hot) teachers, and it is great until Rachael gets suspicious. She meets with the teacher after class, and seems to be trying to jealous that he doesn't want to sleep with her. She tells Brook that the teacher is bad news. When Brook doesn't listen, Rachael goes to the principle and the teacher is suspended. That night, Brook goes to see the teacher and discovers him in bed with the very model that hit on Mouth (funny how things work out). Brook rightfully slaps him - twice, for good measure - and then goes home to apologize to Rachael. Here, Rachael is originally positioned as jealous, however we later learn that she was "framed" as being so. She really is concerned for Brook, and it shows when she willingly forgives her for her accusations and comforts her. I feel that this also targets the teenage audience well - girls form bonds that are often stretched, but they almost always come together in the end. 

  Nathan gets into trouble in this episode, but it has nothing to do with romance. In a prior episode, he was forced to borrow money from a bookie, and now finds out that the intrest is adding up. The bookie suggests that Nathan shave a few points off the semi-final basketball game that night, and then everything would go away. Nathan is obviously distressed about this situation, but he really doesn't have a choice. Since he is so torn up, we do not view him as a cheater, but as a desperate man that we feel sorry for. 

  A valuable lesson that is unrelated to all of the romantic issues and money problems is tought through Peyton's role in this episode. Having just been attacked by her stalker in an early episode, she still feels very paranoid and does not want to leave her house. Her newly found brother, Derek, tries to get her to put her life back together, but at first he goes at it all wrong. He yells at her, trying to get her to yell back, but fails. In the end he talks to her; he tells her that you have to stand up and swing back at life. This is a priceless message to send to easily influenced young adults. They are at a vulnerable age, and life will start throwing things at them soon. Hearing about and seeing others persist and push back will influence them to not give up. 

  I think that this episode contained a lot of good messages; turn away from jealousy, if you need help go to those that you trust (don't bring in shady strangers), your friends will always be there for you, and life sometimes sucks, but you can push back. 

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