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 The main themes of this episode were cheating and lying; Nathan is torn over whether or not he should tell Hayley the truth about the 'accident', and Brook must decide how much help she needs to pass calculus.

  In an earlier episode, Hayley was hit by a car (driven by the bookie that Nathen was dealing with) after Nathan wins the state championships. Both Hayley and Lucas (who had a heart attack) end up in the hospital. Now that Hayley is at home, she feels sorry for the man who hit her (as he died - supposedly by Dan's hands). Nathan can't stand seeing Hayley feel sorry for what he knows is a horrible man, nor does he want his father taking his place in jail. Eventually the guilt gets to him, and he confesses to Hayley about borrowing money, point shaving, and beating the bookie. Hayley is very upset with Nathan, mainly for the fact that he lied to her about something so big.

  Meanwhile, Brook believes that she can pass her calculus test all by herself, but when the marks are posted she sees an "F", not an "A". Rachel convinces her to steal a copy of the test. This involved deceiving Hayley, as Rachel had to make a copy of Hayley's key to the test cabinet. After they have acquired the test, they are stopped by the principal in the hallway. The only excuse they can come up with for being in the school at night is that they are attending the "Clean Teens" meeting. This is a club that promotes teen abstinence; even if you have already lost your virginity, you can become a "born again virgin". This club leads to more discussion regarding teenage pregnancy in future episodes.

  I feel that this episode brings up very important and real issues that teenagers have, even though the occurrences may be exaggerated. Cheating is a problem in schools. Even though it doesn't usually involve late night burglaries, it is still a far too common occurrences. I feel that the fact that Brook and Rachel seem to get away with this wrongful act so easily sends the wrong message to the audience. Teenagers are easily influenced, and they do not need to be encouraged to cheat. However, this episode does have several positive messages. Having Nathan confess to Hayley shows how honesty is truly the better option. Also, the 'Clean Teens' portion tells the audience that people can change if they choose too.


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