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This page navigates you through the various interests that have held me captivated during my undergraduate career. A diverse mind, my time is spent writing poetry, hosting open forums, and using digital technology in every possible capacity.


As a future scholar, I am dedicated to exploring how digital tools re-imagine the research process in humanistic inquiry. In my senior thesis, “Reading Revolution in Allen Ginsberg’s Collected Poems: Close and Distant, Complementary and Discrepant,” I analyze the classification of Allen Ginsberg as a revolutionary poet by using opposing methodologies (close and distant reading).

This can be read in further detail under the Senior Thesis tab on the left. 


Along with Senior Thesis, there are other portals within my E-Portfolio that allow you to explore my various involvements. The Campus Involvement tab tracks the events I have helped organize or attended on the Manhattanville Campus. 


In the tab marked Graffiti Literary Magazine, you can learn about my participation with the undergraduate literary and art magazine on campus. As Editor-in-Chief for the 2013-2104 school year, I have made substantial changes to Graffiti. These changes include electronic editing, the option to receive course credit, and the creation of a Photography editorial team, separate from Art. In addition, the Graffiti Magazine's from 2011, 2012 or 2013 are available in PDF version and can be read here.


The Free Speech Alley tab summarizes the bi-weekly discussions I moderate, alongside Tony Ramos '15, as Coordinator of the Duchesne Center Community Service Program: Free Speech Alley. All supplemental material, including the Pro-Con/Fact Sheets that we develop each week for students, can be downloaded from this page.


The programs, workshops and presentations I develop for my position as a First Year Seminar Mentor can be viewed on it's page. This page is also used as an instructional tool too introduce Mentee's to e-Portfolio. 


In addition, my undergraduate course work, a few class presentations and select papers are listed within the Course Work section. To view the condensed version of my undergraduate record, follow the Curriculum Vitae page. 


Please explore my E-Portfolio and leave comments or feedback!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.