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The Music Sophomore Review


The Sophomore Review determines whether each student is making progress towards acquiring skills necessary for success as a major in the Music Department. Each student is reviewed by music department faculty for progress in core areas of the music curriculum during their third semester at the College, except for transfer students who will be reviewed at the end of their first semester. All students will be evaluated for satisfactory grades in required Core Courses and acceptable progress in Music Theory. Students in the Bachelor of Music (Music Education) program and in the Bachelor of Arts (Major in Music) program will also be evaluated for satisfactory progress in their major performing vehicle and on the piano.


Satisfactory progress is required in order to maintain standing as music major. The Sophomore Review focuses on both theoretical and practical areas of knowledge. The review will be used to determine that students have acquired sufficient technical knowledge about music to proceed to upper level courses as juniors and to accomplish the upper level courses in a timely manner.


Failure to maintain satisfactory progress can result in the following: either the student must withdraw from the major program or, upon recommendation of the faculty review, the student can continue in a provisional status. Provisional status can require the retaking of courses and either additional time or summer study for the completion of the degree.


Students transferring to Manhattanville with 40 or more credits should be on track to meet the same requirements. They will be reviewed at the end of their first semester of full time study at the College. The following list summarizes the levels of satisfactory progress for each of the music degree programs.

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