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 The Portfolio System, developed in 1971 and among the first such systems in the United States, lies at the heart of Manhattanville’s distinctive approach to integrated education. The Portfolio provides a framework, centered on the College's Mission, within which each student can reflect on his or her formal and informal learning experiences and develop the skills of self-reflection and self-assessment. The Portfolio is also designed to aid students in planning and assessing their own academic careers, seeking advice of mentors, considering life and career goals beyond graduation, and highlighting their best academic work for various audiences within and beyond the College.  


The Portfolio System is meant to encourage the student to develop and put into practice those skills and capacities that a liberal arts education provides. 

Working closely with a faculty advisor, each student engages in an ongoing and structured dialogue about formal and informal learning experiences as well as educational and post-baccalaureate goals and the curricular path that would best meet those goals. A set of requirements supports this dialogue, each tied to a specific learning outcome.  The learning outcomes of the Portfolio are:


  • Reflecting on and articulating formal and informal learning experiences as they relate to the College mission;
  • Developing the skills of articulate self-reflection and critical self-assessment.

Ultimately, the Portfolio reflects a student’s entire college career; it is both a system of planning and assessment and a repository for the student’s best work.


The goals of the Portfolio are:

  • Becoming an active and responsible advocate for one’s own education; 
  • Examinating and integrating the mission of Manhattanville College into curricular and extracurricular choices.

It is our hope that students will embrace these goals and use this ePortfolio as a tool to develop an intellectual identity to be shared with friends, family, colleagues and potential employers.


All Portfolio submissions are reviewed by the Board on Academic Standards, an elected committee of nine faculty members.


Additional information about the Portfolio System can be found here on the Manhattanville website.

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