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This section of your portfolio is for learning about and reflecting on the IDEAL PLACE (CAMPUS) assignment. 


(Adopted for our use from: Tillman, T. (2007). Healthy Neighborhood/Healthy Kids Guide. Shelbourne Farms Sustainable Schools Project)


Assignment description:

In this assignment, your job, as a collaborative group, is to create a detailed map of what you believe would be the ideal college campus.  This is an opportunity to create a vision for the Manhattanville College campus.  Before making your map, please do the following pre-mapping activity and discuss the following questions:


  1. Take a few minutes for everyone in your group to close their eyes and imagine a perfect college campus.  With your eyes closed, everyone should imagine walking around on that campus thinking about the following questions: What would you see?  What would you hear? What would you smell?  Who and what would surround you? How would this ideal campus function? Who and what lives there?  How do they get what they need and want?
  2. As a group, take turns discussing each group members image of the ideal campus.  When sharing their vision, each group member should include as many details as possible so that others can truly feel what it would be like to be in that vision.
  3. As group members are sharing, make a list of those things that were common to every one's image and a list of those things that stood out as distinct. 
  4. From these lists, develop a list of essential features for a shared vision of an ideal campus.
  5. As a group, draw and label a large map of the ideal campus they have envisioned.  This may mean dividing the whole into smaller sections such that each member of the group can contribute to the map making.
  6. Select a spokes person to who will take responsibility for presenting your Ideal Campus to the whole class.
  7. After the whole class discussion, please have one person in your group photograph or scan your map then send the image to each member in your group.


Once you have received the scanned image, please create a module with a link to your map on this page. Please incorporate a brief written reflection in which you respond to the following questions:

  1. What were the "essential" features that your group decided had to be included in an ideal campus? 
  2. Why were those features so important?
  3. What was it like to negotiate and come to some consensus on what those essential features should be within your group?
  4. How does the Manhattanville campus compare to your IDEAL CAMPUS?
Once you have complete your reflection, please insert it into this page of your LFSF ePortfolio.


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