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Usually when people watch TV, they watch one thing at a time and get one story and through that story the viewers are potentially able to relate to the story. A lot of people have specific channels that they watch and simply channels that they watch and simply watch that do not explore much of anything else even though a lot of shows are shown on TV.

Because there are several programming stations on Television, there are a lot places represented. Some of the places I noticed was a lot of investigation/detective rooms, different people's homes, hospitals, different types of offices, backyards, football games, fields, streets, wall street, news stations, and businesses. I could not always tell what countries they were talking about due to the fact that I stayed on each channel for such a short period of time. In one channel they mentioned Dominican Republic, but other than that more specific places are New York when they talked about Occupy Wall Street. 

The "good life" varies on TV depending on what channel it is. In commercials the good life was based on that consumer society. In a lot of the commercials, people seemed especially happy when they had a lot of stuff or when they were buying or receiving different things. The "good life" was the life when you were doing what you wanted. When it came to a sporting event-football, basketball, boxing or other events such as gambling or olympics events, the person felt like it was home. 

It was hard to tell where history began and endded because I stayed on each event for so little time. The only channel that some sort of history was present was when they talked Occupy Wall Street. The mentioned slight history in Obama and regarding why they are protesting the wrong place. Besides this, when they talked about the selling of guns and the particular history of agun and how much it was worth. 

Pace goes fast from what I noticed especially in detective shows. Everyone is trying to figure out everything and prove what's real or not at such a quick pace. 

I did not really see much of an outside environment for nature. For some people like the football players there nature was probably the fieled and others along those lines as well. The only "creature" I saw was a dog who was crazy. He did not really know his sense of place and that was evident when his owners did not know how to handle him at one point. 

The news was the weather channel. That's news because it is constantly being updated and people look to it all the time. The other news that seems to be occupying everyone station is is Mission Occupy Wall Street. Everyone seems to be talking about it. A republican mentioned everyone should be protesting the White House not Wall Street because they aren't the one implementing these issues that are present with taxes.

The TV has a lot of messeges about whats going on and history as well as simple as place that we often don't pay much attetnion to. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.