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This section of your portfolio is for learning about and reflecting on your ECOPOETRY assignment. 


(Adopted for our use from: Stibbee, A. (2009). The Handbook of Sustainability Literach: Skills for a changing world. Green Books Ltd.)


Assignment description:

For this assignment, we will be comparing two pieces of "ecopoetry."  After reading Corson's Inlit  by A.R. Ammons and Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey by W. Wadsworth, we will consider the following questions in our collaborative comparison. 


Please consider the following questions when spend your hour in the biosphere and when you write your reflection. 


  1. Ammon and Wodsworth clearly have very different style.  What difference does this make? 
  2. How does each poet relate to the environment?  How is he situated in it?  What sorts of lessons does he find in it?
  3. What do the poems have to say about memory, beautiy, fragility, danger, constancy and change?
  4. What kinds of nouns, verbs and adjectives do you find in each poem?  What do these sam about the poem and the feelings evoked by the poem?
  5. Which poem do you like the most?  Why?

After our class discussion, please write a personal reflection in which you address these questions from your perspective. When you have completed your reflection, please create a module with a link to your reflection.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.