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Cool It


This is not a doomed planet...

         “Cool It” is a documentary about the environment narrated and starred by Bjorn Lomborg. Because I missed “An Inconvenient Truth” the first time, I ended up seeing this documentary first instead of “An Inconvenient Truth”. Not having seen the other one, and the pessimism that arose from it did not challenge my views based on what I thought about “Cool It”. The title itself is kind of a contradictory in itself in that it refers to more than one thing. “Cool It” can be referred to the cooling of the environment due to the global warming that is currently occurring. Aside from this, “Cool It” also refers to telling someone in essence to “stop” or to “relax”. What he means in that context, is stopping all the harm thats going on in the environment and moving towards a world that is more sustainable. Both views on the title relate to what he was saying because that is what the documentary is about. 

         “An Inconvenient Truth” proposed many of the issues that we see today regarding the environment but Lomborg proposed something different because he was optimistic about everything. He did mention various issues, as well as the figures needed to solve our problems, but most importantly he provided various solutions to the problems we are currently facing. While a lot of the time he spoke about things people already new such as alternative sources of energy, he also spoke about new ways and new controversial technologies that can be used to control climate change. 

           One of the main things I like about Lomborg was that not only did he state different technologies that we could use for the future, he took time to mention the different ways we are going about solving the problems we currently are enduring. There are people out there working really hard to fix these environmental problems and often aren’t accredited. Instead they are discredited because things don’t seem to be getting better, but the point of view that Lomborg presents these ideas are different and he shines a new light on paying attention to what’s going on NOW and what’s happening NOW and what people are doing NOW. I like this aspect about hi because it provides, like I said, a sense of optimism.

           Something he did, that was not effective for me personally, was use a lot of tables and graphs when he was talking about the money situations and what was going to happen in that respect. Personally, I don’t like seeing figures like that. I think it depends when and how its used for it to be effective and to me he was just saying numbers that I did not really care about, otherwise I would have remembered it emphasizing the fact that it was not as effective for myself personally.

          Regardless, I thought the documentary was very interesting and he portrayed his ideas in an effective manner for the most part because it is a documentary to get people aware as to what’s going on now in the present and ideas he has for the future which is something I appreciate. 

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