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College and University Recycling Committee 


This workshop focused mainly on recycling. There were two main speakers and besides that, we did other activities such as round tables and a lightening round. 

One of the speakers was called David Alloy. 

He spoke a lot about different misconceptions about recycling and recycling in general. Some facts and main points that he stated were:

*We should help reduce carbon footprint before managing waste 

*Electric Power, Transportation, and industry are three things that are most contributing to greenhouse emissions 

*Composting reduces emissions but just because products are made from plants and are recyclable does not mean they are environmentally sound . 

*Recycling should be considered the means to an end not the end itself

Another speaker was Roger Guzowski 

Some of his main points were:

*He spoke about the life-cycle of materials. They go from the natural resource->collector->processor->manufacturer->consumer->landfill 

*What recycling is that instead of starting from natural resouces collectors use something else so that materials don't go to landfills 

*He bought up a really interesting point: What is the difference between recycling and littering? In both situations the waste isn't going to a landfill so what is the difference? 

*Climate related impacts of recycling are greater than avoided disposal impacts 

*A lot of people think with the "Don't blame me" attitude. Moving emissions to somewhere else does not make the overall environment better 

*When it comes to greenhouse gases, it should be considered what caused them to be emitted not just the emissions themselves 

After listening to these two speakers, five people from different colleges and universities spoke briefly about any topic regarding recycling that they wanted to.

After the lightening round, we did round tables. Every table consisted of a category and we were able to choose which category we wanted to go with to learn more about and discuss about in smaller groups which was a really great opportunity. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.