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Becoming one with Nature is a beautiful thing. Being able to enjoy nature to every degree is wonderful. A lot of the time, since we are a part of this world where everything is technological we often forget to "sit back and smell the roses." We often walk by trees and flowers and don't necessarily look at them and engage in their beauty. 

I had the opportunity to engage in everything aspect of Nature that I wanted to. I generally knew what everything around me was. I did not know if the grass was particularly specific or anything but generally everything around me I could name.

I don't really know if I gained any information. I was sitting in a park in front of my house and was just near a tree. There was not much to look at except the occasional bird that would fly by or the occasional random bug. It was nice to hear different sounds like the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds.

The experience was not uncomfortable because often, I like to go to the park by myself or with someone else and just enjoy nature because it is such a beautiful thing to enjoy. It is nice to relax and step back from it all so it was definitely not an uncomfortable situation at all. 

Although in this day and age NO ONE should ever feel bored because of the access to "entertainment" that we have, it is still something that happens on a daily basis with people. For me, when I'm bored is when I absolutely feel like doing nothing and I'm not interacting with people or anything. But its weird because at the same time, when doing the biosphere although I was not interacting with people I was not bored. I think this is because nature is not boring. Nature is just as live and stimulating as animals and people it is just harder for some people to notice that. The way nature works and everything about it is fascinating which is why I did not find nature boring nor my experience in the biosphere.

My sight was fine because nature is something I love to see and something I thoroughly and genuinely enjoy. Nature can smell good or bad sometimes but the beauty of it is that it is normal. Although I was in a park, the park is in front of a street so I was not COMPLETLY submersed in everything nature but the smell was still normal. The sound was good. Even though cars pass by and people talk, I tend to tune that out and just listen to the beauty of nature. 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.