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Bill McKibben was one of the keynote speakers of the student summit that we had to privilege to see. He is a renowned author of a a dozen books about the environment. He is also the founder of grassroots climate campaign 350.org. Through this he has coordinated 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009.

Boston Globe has declared him "probably the countries most important environmentalist" 


Some main points of what he said during the student summit were:

*When the climate change began to occur no one would have predicated that it was going to happen so quickly

-Oceans are thirty percent more acid than they were 40 years ago

-There is forty percent less sea ice

*2010 is the warmest year recorded

-19 nations set record temperatures 

-In Pakistan the temperature reached 129 degrees which set records in Asia 

*Earth's hydrology is the way the water moves

*Warm air holds more water vapor which leads to water vapor in places that are already hot 

-Environment is four percent warmer

*Carbon emissions increased five percent which is the greatest increase there's been

*Environmentalism is in the hands of white elitists but everyone he is working with are people who are directly involved especially big involvements from religious communities 

By having this great involvment he hopes to make a change somehow..

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