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Please follow the instructions below with regard to your ePortfolio:


Please click on "Portfolio Tools" on the upper right hand side of your Portfolio and drag down to "Settings." Under Settings, you will find the "Custom Permissions" options.  Under Additional Permissions, search for your advisor and your major and minor department Chairs. You will need to add these three individuals as "Viewers" on your ePortfolio.


How do I get my forms and essays approved on my ePortfolio?


Signatures needed for your Portfolio can be acquired in two ways.  You can have your advisor or department chair sign paper acopies of your forms/essays and then scan and upload the signed copies.  Or, you can have your advisor or department chair electronically approve yours forms or essays via the Comments section on the appropriate page of your ePortfolio. In order to do this, your advisor or departmental chair must be signed into their ePortfolio account and then access the appropriate page on your ePortfolio.  They will then click on "Comments" on the bottom right-hand side of the page and add a comment. You, the ePortfolio owner, must then "Approve" the comment so that the Board on Academic Standards will be able to view the approval.



How do I submit my ePortfolio?


ePortfolios must be electronically submitted to the Board on Academioc Standards for review.  Please click on the link above to open a document detailing how to do this.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.