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Winds of Change



Weekly Journal

POS 1038: International Politics II- Problems


In this journal I have attempted at keeping a record of the events happening all over the world in the past three months. I have tried to give each week a ‘theme’ rather than focusing on just one issue. For instance, for the first week of February I picked an article related to the theme of terrorism using the bombing at the Moscow Domodedevo International Airport as an example. It was then related to how it either impacts or is influenced by the problems in the worldwide arena. In this case, this bombing was attributed to Islamic extremism rather than the most likely backlash from the Chechen rebel population which has been subjugated by Russian government for years now. I have also underlined and italicized my main perspective about these topics in each journal entry to make it easier to understand. The common theme between all the entries is ‘change,’ which is why I have named my journal ‘Winds of Change.’


To make it easier for the reader to gather an idea about the theme of the article and, if interested, read the entire article itself, I have also attached the articles with my journal entries. I hope you enjoy the perspective I have brought to the table by discussing these issues in my journal entries.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.