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Neeta Y. Yousaf,Tizita Z. Zeleke, Amanda Luiso

Poster Session, ASCB, Denver 2011


"The effective inhibition of growth rate and induction of apoptosis in adherent and suspension cancer cell lines by the administrations of various

Ginseng (Panax) species"


PANC-1, Pancreatic cancer cells

After SFN in November 2011, most of my next month was spent on another exciting project- but this time a cancer study. Using various species of Ginseng including American, Korean and Chinese varieties, we investigated the anticarcinogenic effect in rat neuroblastoma cells as well as pancreatic cancer cell lines. These cells were both used in adherent as well as suspension cultures, with great results! The American Society of Cell Biology conference was much smaller than SFN being a national rather than an international venue. However, it was a great trip and as always, a great learning experience!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.