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                                        Thomas A. Edison School

                                               Rectory Street

                                     Port Chester, New York 10573




May 3, 2013


To Whom It May Concern,


Monika Vargova performed her student teaching at Thomas Edison Elementary School during the spring semester 2013.  Ms. Vargova demonstrated the personal and professional qualities, which should allow her to become a very effective teacher.  Ms. Vargova demonstrated a strong desire to refine her teaching skills and was very receptive to suggestions.


Ms. Vargova did an exceptional job designing lessons and activities connected to the Common Core Standards and the ELA Module.  She was also extremely supportive with the Grade 5 Math Modules. Ms. Vargova is a dedicated and caring teacher who always encouraged students to give their best effort.  During her brief tenure here as student teacher she quickly developed an excellent rapport with each of the students. Ms. Vargova was able to quickly adapt and work in a co-teaching model classroom and also differentiated instruction to meet the needs of the IEP students and the ELL learners.


In the area of classroom management, Ms. Vargova’s skills have improved throughout her assignment.  She readily adopted the management cues with which the students were comfortable and handled disruptions fairly and consistently.  She established rules and routines at an appropriate developmental level for students and was able to keep students actively involved in class.


Ms. Vargova displayed professionalism, enthusiasm, confidence, and a continued growth in her ability as a successful educator.  Ms. Vargova displayed a very pleasant demeanor whether working with students, parents, or other teachers.


I would highly recommend Monika for a teaching position.  She would be an asset to any school community.  Her easygoing personality would enable her to fit in easily with both staff and students.  I consider it a privilege to have worked with her.




Heather Rinello                                                                   

Cooperating Teacher

Grade 5                                                                                 





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.