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Major/Minor Checklist


This form needs to be completed by you and approved by the Chairpersons of your major and minor departments.  If you have a double major, you do not need a minor.  If you have more than one major or minor, complete additional forms and you will need approvals from each Chairperson.


When you have completed this form, post your Major/Minor checklist here and send the link to the appropriate Chairpersons for his or her approval, or even better, go visit. He or she should formally approve your Study Plan in the Comments section on this page.  Be sure to "Approve" these comments so the Board on Academic Standards can see them!


**If you have special forms such as EDU forms, you can load them in this section.


**If you are a Self-Design Major, add a new page entitled "Self-Design Major."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.