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Your 4-Year Plan for Career Success

 Explore, Decide, Experience, Succeed

Freshman Year – EXPLORE

  • Get to know students, staff and faculty.
  • Stop by the Center for Career Development (CCD) and learn about career resources.
  • Visit Student Activities and join a club.
  • Go to the Duchesne Center and learn about community service, study abroad and the 4th credit option.
  • Activate your Experience account to search for campus employment and internships.
  • Like the CCD on Facebook, follow on Twitter and read HOT NEWS to get updates on events and internships.
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss majors and career paths.


 Sophomore Year – DECIDE

  • Draft a resume and cover letter using the CCD guidebooks and review with a career counselor.
  • Sign up for the Job Shadow Program.
  • Attend career panels, workshops and internship and job fairs.
  • Visit the Duchesne Center and apply for study abroad opportunities.
  • Declare your major and minor.
  • Apply for summer internships using Experience and other CCD recommended resources.
  • Ensure you have professional interview attire.


 Junior Year – EXPERIENCE

  • Update your resume and meet with a career counselor to have it approved for your portfolio.
  • Attend career related events to develop your networking and interviewing skills.
  • Take a leadership role in an activity, organization or club.
  • Complete an internship.
  • Create a LinkedIn account and join the Manhattanville College Student-Alumni Career Network.
  • Get information about graduate school and start the application process.


 Senior Year – SUCCEED

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to create a post graduation plan.
  • Continue to expand your experiential learning to build your resume.
  • Network with potential employers by attending career related events and job fairs.
  • Start applying for full time jobs prior to graduation (deadlines vary by industry).
  • Use CCD resources to prepare for interviews.
  • Select and contact faculty and past employers to request professional references.  





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.