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Manhattanville College, a pioneer in portfolio-based education and a world leader in the use of electronic portfolios, offers students a unique opportunity to discover their passions and develop personalized roadmaps to success through its innovative ATLAS program. A holistic approach to self-discovery and professional self-presentation, ATLAS supports student development through:

  • A team-based advising approach for first-year students utilizing ePortfolios in which students begin to develop their personal four-year plans with help from professional academic advisors, first-year mentors, peer mentors and faculty advisors in academic departments
  • Elective courses scaffolded for each phase of student development
  • Documentation of curricular and co-curricular learning, including Study Abroad, Internship and Service Learning, with an eye towards creating professional portfolios


Working in small seminar groups under the guidance of dedicated instructors, students utilize the wide range of resources at the College, including the Center for Career Development, the Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice, student peer mentors, and a network of alumni volunteers, to explore fields in which they might major or minor and professions they may wish to pursue. Designed to build developmentally as students gain direction and focus, ATLAS allows students to either pursue the entire program or to enroll in only those elements that seem most appropriate to their needs.

Courses in the ATLAS program include:

  • Passport – a first-year transitions course in which students acquaint themselves with the history and mission of the College, examine their strengths and weaknesses, identify resources to support their success and consider various courses of study
  • Pathfinder – a course designed for sophomores to support them in career exploration and decision-making about their choices of major
  • Compass – an opportunity for juniors, in a small, seminar setting, to deepen their understanding of the skills and characteristics employers seek and to examine their own experiences, curricular and co-curricular, to highlight experiences that will show their leadership, teamwork, creativity, civic engagement, ethical decision making and ability to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Pursuit – this class for seniors focuses on professional presentation of skills and accomplishments as well as ways to utilize their ePortfolios in the job search process
  • Required modules for Study Abroad and Service Learning.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.