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Gabriella Barnes

Freshman Reflection

November 28, 2013




        After rereading my freshman essay, I remembered the time I spent researching and organizing my submission. Today, two years later, I am better equipped to critique my own work. I noticed that even though I was taking a sport studies class, I chose to write about the history, a special interest of mine, of sports from an economic point of view.  The essay was well researched and had valid points but lacked the language of a professional.  I discussed the forces contributing to the profits and losses of the sports industry but I never used the word revenue or other financial terms when discussing the business of sports. Looking back to freshman year, I realized that I had just started to take “economics” classes and had not yet acquired the knowledge of economic science to support my analysis. Now, I can identify the lack of professionalism in my analysis. In my opinion, my freshman analysis of the sports industry was not clear and presented too generally. I, also note that I could have addressed the “art” or spirit of the sport. If I were to write this essay today, I realize I have acquired from my studies at Manhattanville College, the knowledge to articulate my ideas in a more informative, precise and coherent manner.  


         As I reflect on my time here, I realize that there has been a common denominator in my approach to my studies, internships and extra-curricular activities.  My belief in the motto “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” has motivated me in all my efforts. I have put the same effort into my classes, volunteer work, sports and professional experiences. My success is the outcome of a process. The process that is common to my efforts is multifaceted. First comes the research to promote understanding, finding the who, what, when, why and where. Next, is the assessment and decision making, identifying and considering the positive and negative aspects to guide me in setting goals.  Committing to these goals motivates me to focus on my efforts, practice my skills, articulate my ideas, assess my progress and make adjustments where needed.         


               My experiences at Manhattanville College have contributed to my personal and intellectual growth.  My studies in economics and art have taught me that there is an art to life, an art that will nourish my mind, body and spirit. I hope that I have learned how to incorporate this “art” into my efforts to reach my goals.  I have come to the realization that I entered this college as a young, ambitious, nervous and naive teenager, looking to find my way in life and am now, three years later, about to graduate as a poised, informed, competent, experienced, articulate and empathic young lady well prepared to begin my personal journey and to exert a positive influence on my community and environment.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.