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My First Year


   I entered my freshman year in Manhattanville in fall 2011. Included as a part of Manhattanville College graduation requirements are two Freshman Year courses. Every freshman in Manhattanville must take a Freshman Writing class and Freshman Seminar class for both fall and spring semesters. The freshman writing class was designed to develop a student's writing abilities and to ensure everyone was at some level to continue and take on more challenging classes. For my freshman writing class I had Professor Caruso. On the tab to the left you can see (under First Year Writing) some of my essays and work leading up to the Freshman Essay. We worked on three shorter paper our fall semester while developing sentence structure and grammar. The spring semester was purely for research and writing techniques for our Freshman Essay. In Freshman Seminar, I had the topic of sports history. My seminar class was taught by Professor Bowling. We discussed past and present expectations and situations during most sports for the two semesters. We were given in-class articles and readings for homework and as research for our final paper. the First Year Seminar work depicts my research in sports and writing abilities. For further essays I have uploaded please see my Major and Minors tabs. Other essays are still located in General Education Worksheet. By clicking on the underline here, you can download some of my other work. 


Mary Jo Caruso
(914) 323-7148


Lawson Bowling


(914) 323-5316

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.