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Art Studio

Art majors may pursue programs leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Those wishing to be art teachers can achieve New York State provisional certification for teaching arts K-12, with permanent certification available through the College's Master of Arts in Teaching Art program.  The fine arts are emphasized as the foundation for all art careers.  The student, after exploring several areas, will do advanced work and his/her senior project in a chosen area of concentration, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, illustration, digital media/graphic design or photography.


For students who do not choose to major in art, the department offers the opportunity to study art for the investigation of the aesthetic process and for its cultural value.

Students find that Manhattanville's proximity to New York City, with its museums, galleries and art studios, is convenient and stimulating.  The city is a center for advertising, publishing, and printing, and is the source of many job opportunities in these related fields.  Placement in meaningful internships will be encouraged.

Students exhibit their work throughout the college campus and in Brownson Gallery.  Senior art majors will have dedicated studio space in the new Student Center building to work on their senior projects. Senior projects are exhibited in April of the senior year in solo shows.


The Studio Art Department values the process of collaboration in the development of young artists; it works with the artist as an individual and feels that the quality of process determines the quality of the product.  It instructs students to develop a disciplined approach to their work while honoring their individual achievements as the subject matter of their artwork.  Students are taught that creativity and intelligence are compatible, and just as there is scientific research there is also aesthetic research.  Art is not simply about art; it includes the worlds that we are a part of, the worlds of the past, the worlds of the present and the worlds of the future.  Art begins outside of the studio and is defined and refined in the studio.  In a more comprehensive semblance it is returned to the world and presented to the public. 


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