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Castle Scholars Program Curriculum


Freshman Year

  • Freshman Honors Seminar (3 credits): taken either fall or spring semester

Sophomore and Junior Years

  • two 3000-level Honors Seminars (3 credits each): completed in any semester
  • completion of one 4th-credit service option (1 credit), in connection with an Honors Seminar, a course in the student's major or minor, or another course
  • portfolio submitted for distinction (sophomore year) with required interview
  • a semester of independent work (3 credits), to take one of the following forms, as approved by the Director of the Honors Program:
  • independent study (in the major, minor, or another subject)
  • collaborative research with other students and/or faculty
  • internship

For students transferring into the honors program after freshman year:

  • an additional 3000-level honors seminar (3 credits) to replace the Freshman Honors Seminar

Senior Year

  • portfolio submitted for honors review
  • Students may opt to complete either or both of the following options:
    • Senior Retreat (1.5 credits): two intensive Saturdays on a selected theme, coordinated by the Honors Program Director and including the participation of interested faculty
    • Teaching Assistantship in the Freshman Preceptorial (1.5 credits): in addition to assisting a section of the Preceptorial under the mentorship of the instructor, students will meet regularly with each other and mentoring faculty for discussions of course material and approaches
  • Total credits of program: 14.5 or 16 (depending on choices of senior year option)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.