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An ePortfolio is an electronic presentation of your work and yourself.  It is an opportunity to develop a social and intellectual identity on the web.  Beginning in Fall 2011, all incoming first year students will receive a Manhattanville Digication ePortfolio account.  First year students will be provided a username and password.  This account will allow you to make many ePortfolios.  Some classes may require you to use an ePortfolio.  You might use an ePortfolio in student clubs or campus offices.  You may choose to develop an ePortfolio highlighting your achievements with regard to sports, art, dance, music, writing, or job performance.  You may choose to share your ePortfolios with friends, family, professors, and even potential employers.


Perhaps one of the most important uses of ePortfolio is the opportunity to actively engage in your academic career, carefully examining the work you have completed, recognizing how you have grown and how you can continue to develop.  Through reflection, one can develop the skill of a life-long learner.  Similarly, a better understanding of the ways in which your life experiences, as well as your academic experiences, contribute to your learning and personal development can come from reflection within an ePortfolio.


Click here for examples of ePortfolios from the Manhattanville community.


Click here for Digication ePortfolios from a variety of institutions, including Boston University, Yale School of Music, Brown University, and SUNY Stony Brook.


Here’s a brief video introduction to Digication ePortfolios.


Here’s another Digication ePortfolio Introduction video!


Here are additional short videos explaining the benefits of using an ePortfolio:

Do I have to make an ePortfolio?


While you may not be required to make ePortfolios in individual courses, you will be required to complete the Manhattanville Portfolio System; for students entering in the Fall of 2011 and after, this will mean creating an ePortfolio.  For more on this graduation requirement, please visit the Manhattanville Portfolio website.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.