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Consultation Prep


Coming in for a technology consulation?

Please follow these steps below to help ensure a successful session.


Logged in? - Critical to certain consultations is accessing Manhattanville's platforms! Please be sure you're able to log in to Blackboard or Digication, or any other sites you'll need to access before arriving at the office.  


*n.b. - Digication accounts are not automatically created for neither students, nor faculty.  If you're not sure if you have an account, please speak with your instructor if you're a student, or contact the Manhattanville Help Desk.  



BYOD - Bring Your Own Device:  Though we have laptops for loan, we've found that people work best on their own computers.  You'll be able to use the operating system you're familiar with, and navigate through your own folders with greater ease.


Need to upload or work on a file?  In addition to bringing your own laptop or mobile device, you're welcome to bring in flash drives, external hard drives, or other USB-based storage. 


Find your files - Before coming into the office, please be sure you know which folders on your device your files are in.  Similarly, you may need to do the same with any cloud-based storage you may be using, such as:


Manhattanville Help Desk - If you need help logging in, or need to report a technical problem, please submit a request to the Manhattanville Help Desk, or call 914.323.7200.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.